1. A

    Impossible Creatures Stress Test

    Its awesome! GO to FILEPLANET.COM RIGHT AWAY. I KNOW FILEPLANET SUCKS BUT ITS THE *ONLY* WAY! I am happy with my Wizard of Oz style Flying monkeys
  2. tha ssj4goku


    i wanted to test my sig sorry
  3. S

    just a stupid sig test

    file:///C:/Mijn%20documenten/Mijn%20afbeeldingen/darksano.jpg testing
  4. S

    Psx Cover Art Contest

    Esf's Psx Cover Contest Alright, This is Esf's contest of the month :) The objective of this contest is much different than the first. Instead of Cg's, Wallpapers or sigs I thought (With help from Ryoko) What about a new unique idea? Why don't we design the front cover of a Play Station...
  5. dudeman


    see: like it?
  6. G


    well i hope it works
  7. Naz

    New wallpaper[contest entry]

    I'll woork on the right gohan tomorrow.. well yea.. euhm I'm not sure if I will join.. I'll c grtz Naz
  8. Ryoko

    Ho hum 'nother art

    I didn't like my other one too much, and I had 30 mins spare so I did another Ryoko drawing. Don't reply if you are fed up of my art, I don't care for that, just say if you like it or if you think anything needs changing :) Ryoko is currently listening to: No Use For A Name - Why...
  9. W

    black&white drawings (big)

    It's been a while since i posted anything so here goes This drawing is actually on A3 format (it was alot of work scanning it :p ) i reduced the size by 75 %.. (sorry 640X480 users) This is my first drawing using charcoal... it is a bit out of proportions but it was a test to see how...
  10. J

    Sonic Blue (contest)

    Nazghul said something about a contest, can someone fill me on that? :o just posting this:
  11. Phobius

    Let the VOTING BEGIN! (For the Contest)

    Anime Drawing contest. Alright its that time of the week again for you artwork drawers to do some constructive drawing. This weeks theme is just a simple anime character drawing. Now I have to post the rules for you guys to follow. 1. No Hentai or Porn is allowed in the images. I know you...
  12. Ryoko

    Catgirl Ryoko

    You heard me! Cg'ed and all! Comments always welcome. Same with critism's.
  13. Yui Sakura

    My lineart

    well there it is... C&C if ya want... btw, no references were used except for #17, and even then he still sucks. [edit] sorry about the double post. i completely forgot about :p if you could plz delete my above post or something to sort it all out? *No problem. I'm not lazy and...