1. Damaera

    Tenchi Bridge (Map for NNK) [WIP]

    Okay, so instead of posting my progress in my other thread, I'll create a separate thread just for the map I'm working on. So basically what I'm working on is a map for NNK, called Tenchi Bridge. It's the place where Naruto, Sakura, Tenzo, and Sai met Kabuto and Orochimaru. I've redone the map...
  2. ~*Logan*~

    The Tenchi Muyo Family Tree (interesting find)

    Those of you who have watched Tenchi the OVA series or read any of the novels might find an interest in this. It does have some spoilers though, so beware. Though it does a good job of explaining who's who and their relationship to the rest of the people in the Tenchi universe. Yes, even my...
  3. Enix

    another tenchi muyo sig

    im just poping these sigs out like crazy:D here is my new tenchi muyo sig: <p> <p><h2>CRITZ PLEASE</h2>
  4. Enix

    tenchi muyo sig

    i completly forgot about tenchi muyo. how could i forget?it was like the coolest anime. well anyway here is my tenchi muyo sig:D <p>
  5. Ryoko

    Ryoko and Tenchi

    Well, heres my latest wallpaper. Still wip though. Click the picture for the 1024 version. What do you think of it? Any ideas about what to add or take away? Comments much apreciated!
  6. B

    Ape_city pics

    Well I so far im not fully done with the ape_ocean but I wanted to get done with the city. Here is some pics of the current map im working on. http://members.rogers.com/ape/images/ape_city1.jpg http://members.rogers.com/ape/images/ape_city2.jpg...
  7. T

    Tenchi's Work

    Here are two sig's/avatar's I have made, There nothing special just plain and simple. Let me know what you all think. Critz Please. Also keep checking back to this thread for more of my work. Thanks.
  8. T

    Tenchi Muyo Sig Thread

    Ok Ill be posting my work as i make them. But at the moment I only have these 2 sig's I just made. Critz If you like. There nothing fancy, Just something simple and YES! plain. :p
  9. P

    Tenchi Dvd set

    well, I got a tenchi dvd pack and im sending it too ryoko as a favor, but I just wondered if I should do one of the following?
  10. Ryoko

    New sigs (similar ones)

    Ok, heres a new sig from me. Which is better? I have been told my current one is better, but i'll let you all look anyway.