1. dbZ_fAnaTic

    temporary turbo boost and swoop

    in EEA they have a temporary turbo boost where you hold turbo and you start to charge up. after you've charged to your max your PL increases and so does your speed for a while. I found this to be a great feature when playing and i'm hoping that this would be a standard move for ESF. i'm...
  2. esf-w | Max2

    ESF-World is temporary offline

    ESF-World is temporary offline, because we are permanently attacked by hackers and they ping us to death :( ! We'll try to transfer ESF-World to another server these days. As soon as ESF-World is online again, you can download the files as usual. I can only say : "I hate ****ing hackers !" So...
  3. C

    Pikkon release..

    http://www.igclan.com/esf/models/pikkon.zip pikkon :P Credits to: Me (CrackerJack/Un1imi73d) Nuttzy Shijing Morone :fight:
  4. Yazuken

    Stupid Compiling promlem

    Hey, whenever i try to compile maps in Valve hammer editor it tells me there has been an error, and to check the map log, so i go to do that, and in the map log it says the following: Error: Could not open wad file \sierra\half-life\esf\pldecal.wad Error: Could not find WAD file...
  5. Optional


    This map is for Gohan's Hidden Power (GHP), but this map will be released for ESF as "Z_Sahara" once GHP is released. This is final except for the palm trees, they are temporary till we get some good ones. The trees belond to ESF. Any crits you might say will be disregarded...
  6. B0Bmaster40000

    Console image

    im making a replacement menu screen pack with new images and stuff. Ive done most of it, but i cant work out how to change the image that is displayed in the console. I cant find the image file anywhere, and ive had a look at other mods to see how they did it, and i didnt find anything O_o so...
  7. S

    Temporary freeze when connecting to server

    When I connect to a serer, there's this time showing me 120 seconds left. It goes to 110 or something, then stops. After 100 seconds it says in the console "connection accepted", but where the timer is it says "server timed out". But, when I try it the next time I connect to the sever and can...
  8. Vengaurd

    Masenko test

    i've gotta new masenko in beta form but my tester doesnt like it and cant put his finger on why. who ever wants to become me temporary beta tester, email me
  9. fatmanterror

    USSJ Trunks, yes i made another one

    hey some of u guys who have been here longer may remember my old ussj trunks model edits from back in the day, well i made a new one, this time from scratch, this is about an hour of work u see, its not nearly done, i fixed some things after making these screen shots, just use ur imagination and...