1. davidhalo

    Next Up - Temari

    I haven't seen a completed 3d ... or even a started Temari model and being that she is definitely my favorite female Naruto character I decided to give her a shot. I may alter her costume a bit for titalation purposes. Base Color Tease - Editing then I'll give the head a texture...
  2. Damaera

    Temari Sig

    1: 2:
  3. JTR

    Temari [WIP]

    Started this Temari today... Just started the head so it isn't tweaked 100%... Shoes I haven't even tweaked yet.. Its just those from my Neji... And I need to give her a boob-job :) Critz and Comments are Welcome... - JTR
  4. D


    Stock is paintpixel.com
  5. Rayna


    New sigger, I actually made two versions; v1: And v2, which i think is better: Matching ava: So C&C OH! and I wont forget to thank my sensei ^.^ thanx to your tips I can make sigs alot quiker than before =Þ
  6. broli


    here's a cel shaded pic...remember,she's still not skinned
  7. N

    Temari drawing

    Temari from Naruto : Greetz Zabuza Shinobi, Niracle
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