1. sub

    woohoo another teledelay thread!

    I'm just going to start off by saying please don't close this thread. I'm making this because I think it's clear most of the community doesn't like the tele delay. There are other possible solutions instead of the delay though, some great ideas could have been thought up in that other thread...
  2. SSFT

    You want a reason for tele-delay?

    Well here it is. It keeps people from being lame and getting a cheap hit in from across the map, and "dodging" (as is teleport is meant for) isn't meant to go across the map as an attack, and teleporting across the map is non-dbz'ish, and the most important reason is, the devs want it...
  3. Zeonix

    Why is there a tele-delay?

    I dont care if you think there should be a tele-delay or not. I dont care if you hate the tele-delay. I just want to hear something other than the "to stop scripters and mouse scroller people" reason. Scripting = no ki left for you = i kill you. Mouse scroller = no ki = i kill you. So what...