1. Slofreak

    hate swoop and tele.

    personaly i hate the new swooping i totaly liked the old one from 1.2 the swoop lasted like half a ki now in 1.3 you swoop like nowhere lol u swoop for 3 meters and u have to top always, no stoping if u wanna chase or follow someone to hit. And the the old 1.2 tele was milion times better now...
  2. A

    Phase tele

    Something i tought about , i was watching the cell games saga and i was thinking ================================================= Phase Teleport : -Being in the after image state for 2-4 seconds , without being able to melee or swoop - Should be a button - Melee attacks should go...
  3. sub

    cvar for tele delay

    If there was a cvar for the tele delay, I'm thinkin it would stop all of the *****ing about it... The idea seems reasonable enough to me, if people wanted to play without the delay, but with a chance of playing with a scripter, it's there decision...
  4. O

    Useless tele suggestion

    I know it sounds realy stupid & useless but i was thinking maybe make 2 sounds 4 tele: 1 will be heard from where u tele from. the other will be heard from where u tele to. ofcourse they will be 2 different sounds. u will hear the sound only from the place closer to u.
  5. C

    tele after image

    ok i was wondering if the tele after image was done..if so...where can i get it??
  6. S


    there done with the new tele port. spr!!!. just have to wait.. you dont see that glob of gray dots anymore!! you see your self. go to the esf web site and look.:shocked:
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    A new exploit...swoop+tele with no break

    I don't know if anyone else has seen this but I have in five separate servers already come across some guys who are able to teleport fairly seemlessly from a swoop and resume the swoop again seemlessly from the teleport, cause them to have a sort of infinite super swoop. In one case, a guy...
  8. S

    Pink Saiyan Wip

    Spin I dont mean to offend you or anything but I was bored so... Copy & Paste Url
  9. M

    ESF Picture

    Has anyone seen the picture realeases by the esf-team, where all the fighters are on that hill? I think it looks like the Teletubbie hill to me, with all the rabbits and stuff. Would be cool to blast a Kamehameha on a teltubbie! :)
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