1. S

    som one tel me

    can som one tel me what the all new charecters and new screen about
  2. G

    tel me websiteswere ican get models for esf

    tell me websites where i can dowloud the models for ESF and how use that search,rite me websites please please
  3. P

    HLDS Linux Install

    Here you will find step-by-step information on how to download, install, set up, configure, and optimize your Linux box to become a great Earth Special Forces server. This how-to was designed to make it as easy and fast as possible to get your Linux box up and running with a dedicated ESF...
  4. Z

    a ssj3 goku

    anyone know where i can get one (not the one from redsaiyan)
  5. D

    how to make non mirrored skins

    looking at all the battel damege skins that have been made there all mirrored and it bugs me, when there is a very simple and quick answer so i have made a little tutorial, its kinda lame and youll have a hard time if you dont have a clue about milkshape. so here's the link, and sorry...