1. T

    Tein y not

    Tein is a kick ass dude that really needs to be in esf ghp is going to have him y not esf .He can have tri beam and a transformation like piccolo had right now just powerd up he even nos the kamahamaha wich he did in db .He even did tri beam on majin buu late in the show then got his ass kicked...
  2. TehMuffinMan

    Tein... Release!!

    woohaa! fnially spin found the file i sent him a while back.. anyways, this pack contains well... an amazing model and skin of tein,trunks shadow's really good at modeling and skinnning, lets hope you can be amazed at his model too! The pack also contains some sounds me and morrane did a...
  3. |::>sugar<::|

    Piccolo!!! a great new feature and what about tein...?

    1.2 why....they should be new characters. e.g tein because he has a lot of moves. i ahve posted them earlier...damn it. also piccolo should have the move of regenneration....this is a great idea because against cell he ripped off his arm and regenerated power a bit like buu has in the game only...
  4. Logan4434


    its tein!!!heres a pic: and the model:http://hstrial-gleps.homestead.com/files/tein.mdl credits to AZN and the original krillin maker