1. KidMan

    Requesting Teenagers with Attitude

    http://www.retrojunk.com/tv/videos/91-mighty-morphin-power-rangers/345/#intro Now this brings back memories. Green Ranger > everyone.
  2. Jariroth

    Clinging teenagers...

    I was a driver for my sister and her friend at some party where i didn't even know half of the people (actually i knew about 3 people at the whole party, nobody were close friend of mine). There i was sitting and drinking lemonade at some couch where there were 2 girls next to me. At first...
  3. KidMan

    Teenagers sure love to die.

    It's that time again when things go bump in the night and teenagers have that aweful habit of dying all the time. You think that in the movies, they'd kill off old people or kids but noooo, they target teenagers. Why?