1. Rayna

    Sig for some taurus dude >_>

    So there :Þ I'm sorry I know it's Taurus2112, but I just hate those numbers after names, but course it's gonna be your sig so I'll put them in if you want :/ Anyways, obvious reason why I am posting this sig is for the C&C <_<
  2. TimTheEnchantor

    The Destruction of The Taurus

    All in this website url is 3 videos to which we destroyed my friend JEFF's Ford '85 Taurus. We put my friend on the roof, had him fall off... and used axes to punch holes into his muffler to make it louder(no aftermarket muffler here baby!) After a while, which we dont have on tape, is us...
  3. Snow

    First wallpaper

    Well I made a cool render in 3dsmax so I decided to make it a wallpaper, the 2d might be bad they are my first, this is my 3rd 3dsmax project: What you think?
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