1. The Noodler

    t.A.T.u wallpaper

    keeping with my "theme" im in, i made a t.A.T.u wallpaper but i got one problem... ok i dont really know if this goes agenst any rules. cuz last time i made a sig with one of the pics used in this wallpaper, and it got kicked off the forums. so insted of just showing it i will put up a link to...
  2. The Noodler

    Small t.A.T.u siggy

    i got bored and made this quick, think it looks alright, but alot of people have been using scanlines and stuff so it will look like everyone elses :smile:
  3. The Noodler

    t.A.T.u Sig

    Well its just a quick one i made, i made it cuz i though it would go with my new avatar (wicth im using), anyways i thought i would just show it and see what u guys think, well here it is......
  4. The Noodler

    t.A.T.u wallpaper

    Well i took a few pics from a MSN t.A.T.u group im part of, and i made a wallpaper Surrounding one half of t.A.T.u Yulia. i just pasted them together and faded and stuff, nutthin special just tought i would show it so yea here it is...