1. sub

    Taste the Rainbow, baby

    Can you taste it?
  2. Death The Jedi


  3. A

    My edits!

    Instead of multipule edit threads, im gonna show/releae em all here.. Heres the first taste! GOnna uplaod in a bit, (got hw)
  4. P

    My Buu Skin

    Hey i made a buu skin tell me what you think. I decided to replace buu with a ball. I think it looks so much better than the current model. Look at it ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE ESF BUU I MEAN WOAHHHHHHHHHHH SO I MUCH BETTER My Aim: Pokekil ill send you the model you can also use...
  5. Jaredster

    My Bryce thingy.

    Since everyone is doing Byrce stuff heres is a quick abstract i made.
  6. G

    Hey ned

    hey ned im sorry for what i said ok and i didnt mean to have a go at u or any thing it was just vox he annoyed me because he started pocking his nose in when it had nothin to do with him. Im sorry for taking it out on u ok. I didnt know that your model wasnt the proper one and i didnt know u...
  7. R@!D3R

    Hurley's Sig

    Here ya go buddy :) You guys like it? I think I'm finally coming out of my art slump! :D
  8. Kman3252

    Sig (i took more time this time)

    i want to become better with adobe photoshop so im experimenting. this sig is vegetto based. if someone wants it i will add text. if u cant see it go here http://members.lycos.co.uk/supersaiyanelite/sig13.jpg
  9. P

    photoshop effects

    well most of you dont know this but i am really into photoshop. i decided that i shoudl show off some of my pics and here they are. i apologize that they are so big these are some of my lesser known pics. ill put some other ones on lata if you cant see em try the links or if...
  10. |Da|K|


    Hello critz on my new sig plz.... AND YES THAT IS PIKKON THE ONE AND ONLY BIZNATCH!!!!!!
  11. -Dark Shadow-

    new sig!

    i made a new sig with arcsoft Photostudio its brillient look my best sig ever! oh and can something tell me if it is just a little X or the actual sig please :)
  12. E

    small taste of namek map and i mean small heh!

    my avatar will now be the small way of showing my progress on my current map project.. here is namek to the left.
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