1. Wizard's Curse

    New Targets

    Yo ppl get them while their hot :D I never liked the usual melee target its just a haxed square O_o nice ehh? :p DL it HERE! and of course DL HERE! ENJOY! EDIT: OMFG how chould I forget, damn Im tired :p :\ ... THX To Goten-son for the hostin :D
  2. S

    an error i never had before, please help!

    OK, i just made a map that im testing a few new prefabs i made. And when i start the map with my star wars a-wing prefab or model i made, i get this error, "mod_numforname: 1 not found".. I never got this error before, and i was wondering if anyone knew what it meant, and how to fix it.. Thanx...
  3. V

    melee target box, leaving targets

    i dont have any screen shots of this since it usually happens to quick for me to chatch it and by the time i figure what has happened its back to normal. but heres the bug: sometimes when im fighting with someone on the servers, and im useing melee the target box will "jump" off target and...