1. Suh Dude

    Southland Tales

    This movie is the best movie I've ever seen. I don't care what people say but this movie is just unbelievable-y good. Even The Rock's and Justin Timberlake's performance was good. The director is the same guy who made Donnie Darko. Just go rent it or buy it on DVD...
  2. B

    Sing me a song of songs, a poem of poems, an epic tale of epic tales

    Game: Create a song about peaches. However you can only do one phrase / line at a time. The lyrics must be original and not from a famous artist/band. I'll start you off: Peaches are sweet
  3. Cap J

    Happy B-day Tales : )

    Have a fun birthday Tales. ^_^
  4. Tales

    Tales Art+Tutorials =D (?)

    Tales art work updated 9/16/04 Well im startin a new thread! im probably going to make some tutorials now. if you remembered from my old thread i had a pix of two kids riding on a horse. ill put the work in progress on this thread~ there's the pix i first convert it to gray scale...
  5. SailorAlea

    Tales of Symphonia-New RPG

    Okay, well it's not BRAND new. It came out a little over a month ago. Anyway, it's the #2 game on gamefaqs for accessed pages, second to only Doom3. It's GameCube only, although they are making a PS2 port in Japan--not sure if it'll come to the US. It's a sequel (previous knowledge not...
  6. Mister Satan

    Mister Satan's Big Book Of False Fairy Tales

    Once upon a time there was a normal boy, well I say normal which isnt quite true he was welsh so in essense he was "different"..er...anyway. he lived in a big white castle full of goblins and what not...er....im bored now.....NEW STORY...
  7. D

    Tales of Symphonia game

    There's a new game, it's called Tales Of Symphonia and it's for GCube, which is what I have. Anyways, it looks cool, anyone heard of it? http://www.nintendo.com/screenshotgallery?gameid=f5e6b058-4492-45fe-9227-e591ff1ddf4b&
  8. S

    Tales of Symphonia

    All I can say about this Gamecube game is wow. It is unbelieveable how a game can seem so perfect. Maybe it's just me(since I haven't played a really good RPG in a while) or maybe it is just because I am glad to see a Tales game on a Nintendo platform. I don't know but this game looks like it is...
  9. Demi-Shadow

    I want to model, MS3D doesn't want meh to...

    ok... milkshape won't load, says that warning about the current time, so i press yes, and it starts loading, gets to the first screen and says it caused and error and I have to close it. Ive heard about these mesa.dll's but i'm either installing them wrong or they don't work as they come up with...
  10. Ryoko

    Tales of Phantasia wallpaper

    Doooh it's hard to find images for these. O_o Oh well, since I love this game soo much heres a wallpaper about it. Teleport! Ha! Soul wave! Pwned! *ahem.. *