1. Deverz

    Lionhead wasting talent

    So Fablehead aka Lionhead have announced Fable III. What a waste of a good company. They need to make something else (Project Natal doesn't count) <embed src='http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf'...
  2. Mr.Lukyas

    The Ulduar, the dual talent spec, etc.

    So, when are you gonna raid Ulduar?
  3. D

    I saw the Billy Talent concert :D

    Billy Talent came to vancouver and I saw it... It was awsome!!!
  4. F

    What's a good Paladin Talent Tree look like.

    So I'm just wondering, I've been messing around on WoW's talent tree system on their website, and I was wondering what you hardcore wow players think of this. Feel free to change it, and tell me why you changed it...
  5. Phobius

    No Talent? No Money? Want Force Pit Access? [READ!!]

    So how would you like view the force pit and have access paid for by moi? Theres only one thing you have to do and that is vote for the person you think deserves access to our secret area. I have a few rules that if broken you will not be eligible for the prize and will recieve an immediate...
  6. Wangster

    first wp with a lil 2D ...

    hey, i made a wp, its been a long time, so please dont butch me if its ugly... i think it looks cool, the pic fits really well, thats my opinion, what do you all think? ps: the image has no stroke....aldough it loosk like it @ some parts. looks better when used as wp in xp.
  7. X

    My very first 5 drawings.. ever..

    Well one is without watching on a picture.. Guess witch one? Size: 1/4 of A4 Size: 1/3 of A4 Size 1/4 of A4 Pictures with Head and Body part: Size: 1 A4 SIze: 1/2 of A4 SORRY FOR THE LOW QUALITY... ITS WEBCAM SHOTS! Remember my first 5...
  8. S

    New pic of Teck from DBNG

    here you go: If you havent checked out our new site yet have a look at:Dragonball NG Enjoy, (new issue of NG out soon!)
  9. J

    some DBZ pics

    here are some drawings i made long time ago. I already showed them about half a year ago. but for the ones who missed it :)
  10. Yui Sakura

    My lineart

    well there it is... C&C if ya want... btw, no references were used except for #17, and even then he still sucks. [edit] sorry about the double post. i completely forgot about :p if you could plz delete my above post or something to sort it all out? *No problem. I'm not lazy and...
  11. Z

    New drawings

    New drawings!!! You can find them here: http://cyphertype1.netfirms.com/drawings.htm
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