1. Phobius

    Lightsabers or Soul Swords who will win?! Find out in SOUL CALIBUR 4!

    http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3165334 (Site is probably slow loading cause so many people are trafficking 1up.com so just give it time to load) WOW just WOW!!!
  2. Zeonix

    Britain to Ban Samurai Swords

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/03/05/nsamurai105.xml Seems like Britain is out to ban every conceivable weapon out there. Oh, but at least there won't be anymore sword related stories.
  3. Ravendust

    Seven Swords

    Seven Swords Has anyone else seen this movie? Having caught it last night I must say I want my three hours and £5 back. I didn't have a problem with the cantonese/mandarin voices or subtitles. What I did have a problem with was the bland and clumsy dialogue, unintroduced, unexplored , samey...
  4. Wolf Devil

    Buying swords

    Ok, I have money (yay)... I wanna spend it for my birthday... I'm looking into getting a sword, cuz I'm just not geeky enough, dammit! (nevermind the fact that my jersey number is 42 and I get math awards in school) I'm casting my dreams upon the ESF boards, like pearls upon swine.... Wait...
  5. C

    Legend of Zelda: the four swords

    Anyone purchase this game? I recently got it. I know its kind of old, but its pretty cool. Its like the old school zelda with some new effects. Im not very far yet, but so far its somewhat easy. I think it will get harder. Anyone else play it? Whats your opinion about it.
  6. Wolf Devil

    Working with swords and animating

    How do I manipulate character models that have swords? What I mean is, putting the sword away one moment, do various unrelated movements, and then being able to get it out later?
  7. S

    The Ultimate Clash Of Swords

    Who Is Superior
  8. M

    Swords in ESF...

    Since they're adding the Holy Sword for Trunks, I think it would be fun if they added Gohan's sword that he got from Piccolo when he was training solo in the wild. It is chibi Gohan, so what do you think? Should they add it later, or ever?
  9. F

    Like light sabers?

    This was again something I had made a while back...it was a visual for my weapon that I used for sparring.
  10. M

    New Weapon Model for something or other

    Ok here is a sword I did the other night. If I animate it I will also animate the ribbon things on the end there which would be extremely fun to do (*sarcasim*) But it will be a good thing to do, to get my brain working.
  11. xstortionist

    Shogo Mods New Swords and Dagger Set.

    Well, I've sorta noticed that shogo really didn't have any weapons made or anything..exception for the one that jenny made the other night ;) So I figured since I got a sprained ankle and all that I'd make a little swords and dagger set for our Mod...here they are. WIP with some of them <img...
  12. xstortionist

    Finally!! Perfect Cell is Finished