1. Damaera

    Want to know if the Swear Filter is staying on?

    People seem to keep asking if the swear filter is going to be deactivated again or not. Check this post out, or more specifically, this post. So, my friends, the answer is no. As stated by Skyrider, and Cuc.
  2. P

    Ahhh Milkshape Problem: Last time I swear

    how come when i put my model on view point or 3ds exported from milkshape so many faces are missing? is it really like that? ahh!!
  3. I

    gt trunks

    here's an edit of nuttzy's base model... its trunks from dbgt.... the model is far away from completion.... crits are welcome but im not going to look at em because yall dissed my goku model just for the simple fact that he was black :S
  4. Kreshi

    SSJ4 head 60% done

    Look: Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, It was so hard to fill al the ****ing **** (*Please do not evade the swear filter* -Magus *)holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now I am determined sure that the head havn´t any mistakes/ holes/ black faces!!!!!!!!! :yes: But this is soooooo hard to make...
  5. B

    Help for my MOD needed

    Ok im Working with my friend on a Evolution MOD and it works fine but i need to Create Evolution Model Packs non saiyan,ssjssj2ssj3ssj4..... and many more for all esf standard models. I need a very good skinner and a second good Modler !!!! If any want show me his work and he can see a...
  6. L


    My 2nd map for this mod is now out, :D!! http://deadsoldier.web1000.com/index-02.htm This one, has no errors in it, that i know off... i hope theres none :] i don't think there is any.. Well on the map, there is two secect places on the map, im not telling you where they are. you got to...
  7. D

    Please help me & I will help you I swear!!!!!!

    I will not misuse the forums by posting links to outwar again or I will get banned. I will not misuse the forums by posting links to outwar again or I will get banned. I will not misuse the forums by posting links to outwar again or I will get banned. It must have taken a long time to...
  8. A

    Majin Buu

    I swear to god I saw a super buu model somewhere in the dev journals. I think everyone should stop whining about majin buu models cuz there might be super buu (maybe kid buu) in beta 1.1. So I hope that'll stop the whining buu spam. :D
  9. K

    how to create model?

    i want to create a model of goku ssj4 and i want that in his normal form he will start with 1,000,000 ki plz help me!
  10. dudeman

    and yet another wp :D

    last one for tonight! i swear! this wp has one problem, adult content.. its not porn or hentai but just nudity..:rolleyes: o_o
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    new wallpaper

    what ya think? http://www.deviantart.com/view/1482838
  12. L

    Cooler Model

    i've deciced to try a cooler model but cant seam to find any good pics of him.. can any of you post any if you got them... or post any sites that a lot of pics of him? thanks a lot.
  13. |Da|K|

    my sigs tell me...

    hello here are some of my sigs over the weeks that i made..... sorry cant show you my homepage of sig then you see all my futre ones :D :talk:
  14. Mr. Satans

    Model Request

    If theres anything I have wanted /tried to make since I have playedd DBZ mods, is a model of Mr. Satan. If someone could make a model of him I’d greatly appritiate it! I tried many times but have failed. The only model I could ever make was Mr. Molecule from Earthbound. I would have said more...
  15. H

    I swear i saw gotenks...

    is there a way to be such persons as gotenks? the andriods? or anyoen else. im pretty sure i saw gotenks? could someone please tell me?
  16. E

    Some DBZ Models ive been doing...(A few)

    K....heres a few models ive been doing about 1600 polys each without heads or hands.... non dbz dude i did: i also did this 16 model which is around 1200 polys which im not very happy about but ill post it anyway: aint been here a while, just thought id say hi...
  17. B


    Guys i swear i replied to a model someone made sayin drool? i didnt want it as a new post guys im sorry it was an accident, i swear man im not a spammer
  18. D


    hey, look at what i made while EXTREMELY BORED... i swear this one took me like 5 minutes...