1. Spunky

    Swat 4

    Does anybody have it? I need to find someone to play with, I just reinstalled after a really long time and I'm jonesing for some coop action.
  2. clen

    Swat 3

    I re installed my brother's swat 3 game and it kept frezzing in the installment but i got it to work however it's really hard to load the game and the sound doesn't work... now i don't mind that it takes a little patience to load it up but the sound i need. Any help would be great. Edit: Oh...
  3. M

    S.W.A.T | Elmo

    if u want to fight elmo pm me now coz he wants to fight
  4. U

    SL Challenges S.W.A.T.

    Well, I read on a thread that if we wished to challenge this "legendary" team, to post in the Off-Topic forum. I also read that if we wish to challenge a clan, to post in the EL forum. But seeing as EL is about dead and a half, I'll post here. ATTN S.W.A.T!! Bring your 3 against my 3...
  5. Bryggz

    Gotenks ssj3 hair, which is better

    ok guys i made 2 versions of gotenks ssj3 hair, now i just need to know which has more potential, version one may look cool, but its rather dirty (not a closed mesh) and its not exactly true to the show. while version two has potential to be badass, but something doesnt seem right about it...
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