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    svencoop map on esf

    there's a part of my experiment about use huge size HL map on esf......but not so well, it almost make me crash. there's the example.... PS: it's really extremely huge............but look like it's been sucessed.. map name : giftest4f next time i'll try reo1
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    esf doesn't work when i install svencoop

    hi i installed svencoop 3.0 and know my esf doesn't work anymore. when i want to connect to a server the pc says that he can't find the library thing or something. does anyone know how i can have esf and svencoop 3.0 :confused:
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    Sven-coop Idea

    svencoop uses a multi/single maps for multi player gaming, ur a team playing half life with ppl so why not implement the same idea for esf. then u can have a single player and a multi player and fight against villians like Cell, Brolli, Janemba and so on but they would be the bosses there should...
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    VASH T.S wip its kinda near completetion now i think ill post up some wackky animations
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