1. FalconFury

    Superman vs Silver surfer topic

    Superman has the ability of reproducing his energy from the red star sun. Silver surfer has unlimited ability to take powers, healing, lifting heavy objects, teleports from a long distance and stopping a powerful disaster like he did in the "Rise of the silver surfer" the movie. Silver is 100%...
  2. vinay87

    Fantastic four 2: Rise of the silver surfer wtf... is the Silver Surfer a villain here. Yeah I know that Spidey once mistook him for one, but really....
  3. M

    Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer

    Here's a teaser for the movie:
  4. Super Veggeto

    Extreme Surfer

    =P i drew myself in a dbz drawings something ive wanted to do for some time now. if you wonder, yea i surf and if you wonder my name is or terry =P (note the name in the bottom right :laff: ) and if you still wonder thats supposed to be me in the drawing, same with clothes and...
  5. SONiC

    HL Server Surfer has ESF Support

    Thanks to myself(hehe :P) I got the guy who programs Half-Life server surfer to support ESF and DMZ, so if you're having troubles finding a good server to play on well now you have your solution. Have fun