1. Optimus Prime

    Big ****ing hole found on the surface of Mars.

  2. Ravendust

    Microsoft Surface

    Wow, this seems pretty huge. A revolution in interactive displays. The Microsoft Surface is a large (~30") multi-touch/gesture-screen with a 1ghz Vista pc built in and infrared sensors/bluetooth/wifi/wireless usb that can see and feel different objects and interact with them in many different...
  3. swedish_gnome

    Bad surface extents 0/1024

    can anybody help me? everytime I try to compile my map this message pops up and the game crashes. I've used search and I didnt find any similiar thread... EDIT: well thanks for the help or something... I've learned how the solve the problem so don't bother replying.
  4. Baaja


    How do i make water on a map... i am a noob mapper.....i use gensurf to make the surface and hammer.... plz help...
  5. S


    what does pll mean by Poly by Poly?? cause im kinda confused because im a Newbie Model so thats why im asking so can any1 tell me?
  6. T

    Questions about mapping ESF

    I have started mapping HL and have made some rooms and such that worked, however. I haven't figured the sky box thing out yet and haven't found good info. on it. Also I noticed compiling a map with a room bigger than about 4000 units doesn't compile (max leafs error), so how did you make such...
  7. S

    Lightwave Question

    i feel dumb asking this but... how do you smooth a model when your rendering it in lightwave?
  8. Gogeta

    Modeling Help!

    Just like |-MF-|Gogeta, I also need help with milkshape3D, i need a complete tutorial of everything so i can make models for ESF and Counter-Strike. This seems compicated, but I want to learn how to do this. -Thanks [email protected]