1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Should superbot laser be removed?

    Have you ever gone head-on with a superbot, and he just fires a superbot laser at you and you cant come even close to stop him? Even if I set the laser percent to 0 he still fires it at me and this makes it impossible to fight him. That's why I think it shouldn't an option in ESF 1.3. Who agrees...
  2. O

    SuperBot Laser Bug

    When i try to fight a superbot everytime he uses his laser it crashes my game and my game will not close i have to turn my computer off ive never had this problem before with any game and i cant really figure out anything to do about it other than not use the superbot if yall could fix this id...
  3. C

    Superbot Laser

    How do I use the superbot laser ??? :confused: Thx 4 help :warning: Sry for my bad english im german :warning:
  4. 009

    SuperBot Laser bug / Player name bug

    I dont know if i should post this in Bug Report or Bot.. When i wanna play with superbots and max skills in everything but not "superbotlaser" then i try turn it off but they still use it... And other thing... When i add a superbot and later kick it.. then sometime it's still there.. i...