1. bapplebo

    Sunny Snow boredom

    Heh. Was bored. This is up for grabs, whoever wants it, put it in your sig and give no credits. I dont really care what anybody does with this. Edit it, rip it, claim it as yours. I was bored, and I just want crits. I also lost the .psd, so dont come to me if you want your name on it. EDIT...
  2. N

    Anyone interested??

    If any mappers has nothing to do, or getting bored, can anyone make a map for my clan?? I'll let him/her join in return... Here's the map description: - Sunny day (bright) - a reskin of esf_afm - but with out the mountains and towers - instead put the bridges on the same places and...
  3. Mr. Buu

    Can any one make a map for me?? Please???

    I want a map with these things in it... - a sunny day - a reskin of the map esf_afm but without the mountains in the middle...instead put a arena in the the one in esf_cell_day -and with out the towers but bridges all around the map if any one can make a map like this and send...