1. G

    Can someone make me sumtin ?

    hey i was wondering if anyone could make me a sig and an avatar if you could then i be thankful if you could include everyone who is at a supersaiyan 2 state and lots of lightning and my name in for the sig and a very nice avatar i guess thanks :)
  2. I

    Stupid un-important thread that gives us sumtin else to reply to durin the day moment

    Hmmm... have you ever had those days of waking up when you just can't... wake up? Like you find yourself dreaming about something, and while in that state of mind, you realize that you're asleep, but you can't spark that energy to wake up? Sometimes I find myself waking up into another dream...
  3. C

    Ssj or sumtin

    Can i change into, ssj without killing bots or players? Something like command, or something... o_o
  4. DragonDude

    Need Map Ideas, Your Suggestions = Credit 4 U :D

    I think you can probably tell what I need from the name of the thread. Basically, I'm making a map for ESF of the surface of our good ol' Moon. (Yes, the Moon, the thing that was blown up once in DragonBall and once again in DragonBall Z. :D) But when I sat down to really think about the map, I...
  5. Loki

    Need sumtin Shrunk

    I need this images size shrunk because I have no image editors currently. 100x100 plz someone do this for me!!!