1. S

    tried sumthin new.. not good but took time...

    yeah i tried makin sumthin usin the forum colours, i had a better concept of wat it would be like in my head but yeah here it is, C&C update..... better or worse? critz please >< ANOTHER update, better?
  2. Z


    i was bored so i thought do sumthin
  3. S

    sumthin a lil different from me.. concept for DS

    so yah, im trying to get back into concepting desert sun, this guy aint exactly a main character but he's quite interesting. well, here he is, and i know there are a few mistakes, but this is the first draft, i'll probably change a few things and do sum other poses wen i get time :rolleyes...
  4. S

    My Girlfriend's art (and a lil sumthin i dun 2)

    Well my girlfriend Abbee showed me her art, and I thought it was so damn awesome :D, i thought u guys might like to check it out too ^_^ well wat im gonna do is give all the links to the big ones here:
  5. Wyatt

    New Recharge Sprite

    Ok i gots a recharge sprite i dont got a host so i cant show some pics or release the file myself but if sum1 can release this for me then im me at but it is muuuch better than the dots
  6. Epedemic_Optikz

    Model Request

    ok I know there is a final request thread but.... its crowded and not much modellers look at it... :] (sorry) Can Someone Make a Legatos model ??? Thanx for whoever does it and if you don't know who Legatos is,Look at my sig and avatar or just look him up or sumthin. Ty. :] EDIT...
  7. L

    What's the best modelling program ?

    I am a newbie to 3D model making and I would just like to know what is the best 3D model making program ? I have heard of Milkshape 3D and would like to know if this is the best program or are there other one's that are better and easier to use ???
  8. A

    New Model

    now that got ur attention how do u skin a model, like change the colors in psp or sumthin sumone plz tell me and what r all the uses of hl model vewer? juss vewing the model thas it? sumone pleez reply i knoe sum of u knoe how to do this thank u :rolleyes: :tired...