1. M

    Summon red dragon?? HOW!

    Hi All i can summon the red dragon shenron...but after i choose moon i catch all the ball and how i can summon the red dragon? ( With goku)
  2. V

    EVM dragon ballz i get i summon how do i make wish

    i get i summon how do i make wish
  3. D

    Cant summon dragon

    I have the Evolution X and I collected all seven dragonballs but i can't summon the eternal dragon. Can anyone help me?
  4. X

    Who/What could have been the Final Summon?

    What does everyone think could've been the Final Summon in Zanarkand Ruins? Its hard to make out but I keep thinking it could have been My Favorite Summon - Leviathan!... It'd make sense... Water God vs. Giant Water Fiend :p
  5. X

    Favorite Summon (Vote/Describe)

    What is everyones Favorite Final Fantasy Summon? Vote on the poll above, if its not there, then choose Other and Describe the Summon you like best :p Mine is the Water God, Leviathan!.
  6. S

    How do u use dragonballs to summon ent. dragon?

    How, i have them all within two feet of eachother