1. T

    umm can sum1 recap 4 me

    lol aint played in ages lol i played it whn i went on holiday with my m8 hu plays alot and i decided to download it but i cant remember how to get my scouter and stuff out can neone remind me plz
  2. G

    Sum1 please help me with podbot

    When i play with podbot, the bots dont move around or fiire beams, could someone please help me?
  3. V

    can sum1 help me with a sig

    i was wondering if someone could help me with a sig i was hoping ot get 1 and dont know how to make 1 myself
  4. W

    my first model !!! lol!!

    look at my first model!!! hehe lol well what do u think?? i dont know what is this :| lol ! can u guss what is it?? mayB a cat with 2 big knifs on his hand in a boat :)
  5. N

    Devil or sum1 acting like .FM.

    YO i was playing at my friends house (my cd-roms broken) and someone crashed the server named .FM. i think devil is impersonating alot of people or its some 1 else cuz .FM. is mostly on the forums i dont know who but they typed freeze latez jus trying to inform yall.
  6. Wyatt

    New Recharge Sprite

    Ok i gots a recharge sprite i dont got a host so i cant show some pics or release the file myself but if sum1 can release this for me then im me at [email protected] but it is muuuch better than the dots
  7. ssj999vegeta

    sum help me remodel

    i need sum1 2 add a few things to a model so i can make textures fer it pm if u can help
  8. Styles

    Can sum1 make me a siggy??

    Well I pm'ed Spitfire he said he didnt want too then I pm'ed Spin but I think he's dissapeared. So I was wondering if somebody out there could make me a sig with Supreme kai on it please? thanx in advance. :D
  9. G


    Here is a map i made in like 5 minutes, it is called practicearena....if you want it..... i need someone to compile cause i redid my machine so sum1 else plz do it....THANKS!