suggestion or request

  1. D

    could be possible to make advanced combos with AWSD buttons in ESF final?

    Hi Esf Team, I was thinking about this, or will be only pressing C to make melee advanced combos, i think if C provides combos like that it should be added a sequence of clicks or directions with C included, that should improve the fighting system, so it would be more hard, maybe its not a good...
  2. DaisukeJP

    Suggestion/Request of next Potw/Votw : 1.3 Transformation system! ^^

    Hey guys, i've seen the major improvements over the last few years. and wow.. seriously kudos to everyone on the amazing job. *claps* :D I've seen maps/models/combat systems etc etc.. and alot more. i remember the first ESF actually ;p.. and to think you've come this far with the...