1. Z

    le sud nino ferrer

    hey everyone. i met a girl lest year on holiday in the hotel she always played a song on the bar piano it was called "le sud" by nino ferrer i was wondering could anyone here help me off tabs for the piano of this piece? thx in forward
  2. Z

    Le sud By nino ferrer piano tabs

    yo everyone i took up piano lessons and now im looking for "le sud"by nino ferrer its a great song and im looking for the piano sheet music can anyone help me ?
  3. H

    new server in south america / nuevo server en sud america

    Try it please is on linux i want to play with some one! Probalo! esta en linux estoy cansado de estar solo! :yes:
  4. Wyatt

    Beam shape sud be fixed

    Ya know how when sum1 fires a big beam its not just a straight line coming outta there hand its like a v-shaped thing that bursts outta there hands then the beam comes. It looks sorta like this. {}=Vegeta Vegeta is going Final Flash {}<--------() IF that doesnt help then sum1 shoujld...