1. Viper

    Sucker Punch While the name of the characters are kinda stupid, the plot seems weird enough for me to like it.
  2. Z

    New skinn , from the sucker himself .

    Well, I'm doing a skin again I guess . I asked Smo to help me out with the head , so most of the headwork is done by him . I'm in charge of the body as well as some editing parts . I'll have the done version completed by later today, c&c would be greatly appreciated .
  3. MaX


    i go by Shask for my artwork credits now ok.. and on most forums im Shask now. :). ... anyway i call this sucker Bloodstream. Copy and paste :).
  4. OneWingedAngel

    Model Pic?

    uhh how do i show a pic of a model i did? and how do i convert a .MS3D in a way i can play as it in ESF and other mods!? please help