1. Damaera

    Bloom Shaders, New Modeler, Fan Submitted POTW's, Status Update

    Welcome Doormat. <3
  2. Damaera

    Fan Submitted POTW's

    The POTW e-mail is back up. If you'd like to submit a POTW, send it to [email protected]
  3. K

    i have no idea where this should go...

    so yeah if this is in the wrong place, please DO NOT close my thread, just relocate it! :D ok first of all is smo/yorke gone for good cause i havent seen him in like forever... second has there or will there ever be a modeling competition where the best modelers send their best models, and the...

    MSJ gohan

    Can someone make a Megasaiyan Gohan. Here is what it look like. :notice: Normal Gohan body. :notice: Hair that are like ssj2, but green and much more. If you whant pics, I need a good host. Sorry for don't post in the request thread, but in this way I have a better overview. I...