1. K

    i have no idea where this should go...

    so yeah if this is in the wrong place, please DO NOT close my thread, just relocate it! :D ok first of all is smo/yorke gone for good cause i havent seen him in like forever... second has there or will there ever be a modeling competition where the best modelers send their best models, and the...
  2. Yazuken

    Site to upload ESF maps

    Is there any site dedicated to esf maps? if there isnt, i am thinking about making one where people can submit there map and have it posted.

    MSJ gohan

    Can someone make a Megasaiyan Gohan. Here is what it look like. :notice: Normal Gohan body. :notice: Hair that are like ssj2, but green and much more. If you whant pics, I need a good host. Sorry for don't post in the request thread, but in this way I have a better overview. I...
  4. E

    Where do I submit POTW?

    Where would I send my POTW to?
  5. Darkshadow

    To AZN plz read

    read next message
  6. D

    esf comics?

    Im trying to get a bunch of people from different mods to submit comic strips to my website. So far I got a few d00ds from SI to help out the media guys! comics i'll be more than willing to host the images if you guys are willing to help out.
  7. SS_Vegeta

    I've been told to submit.

    Masta told me that I should say that I used the Base Model of Pyro Fragger's for reference for Skinny Buu. I am being made to accept this accusation as the truth, when it is not. Thank you Mastasurf. Thank you Sharp. You have belittled me infront of the very people I work for. Thanks a whole...
  8. T

    I give up,i submit to sigs

    do whatever