1. B

    New trunks Skin

    Here look at this its ok??
  2. U

    All the models there can be...

    I was wondering why I wouldn't try to make a Thread about asking you guys what models there allready are and what models are being made ass we speak. Give links, download links, pictures, etc. I know allready a link that most of you guys probably also know...
  3. Demi-Shadow

    I want to model, MS3D doesn't want meh to...

    ok... milkshape won't load, says that warning about the current time, so i press yes, and it starts loading, gets to the first screen and says it caused and error and I have to close it. Ive heard about these mesa.dll's but i'm either installing them wrong or they don't work as they come up with...
  4. Wuying Ren

    Reskin of Styreta Armor Trunks

    Hi I downloaded the new Trunks by Styreta and made a reskin. I give him all rights. And the ESF team too.
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