1. Nebulisreconx

    I had a dream about ESF: Final

    It's all still fresh in my head, it was gorgeous, fast, and furious! The new melee system was satisfying, and made me feel so empowered, as the force from every punched rippled through the air in thunderous waves. No more slow flight speeds, as powerful hits knocked my opponent near 3x the...
  2. Raeku

    Peak of stupidity.

    I came across this very silly video the other day. The guy in the orange looks like he really broke something.
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Anyone else get urked by this?

    I think when someone posts something, and people either say they don't see anything or say it looks crappy..ever wonder if those people ever have made things themselves or whether or not they look deeper than that it's just a "image". This happened over on another forum where one kid said that...
  4. C

    Redundant: .MDL compiling

    HOW?!!?!?!? HOW?!!?!?!? WHERE'S THE MAGIC PILL TO COMPILE .MDL FILES?!?!?! WHERE'S THE SECRET CODE, THE EXE, THE OBSCURE RUMOR, THE BACKWATER SITE WITH THE ANSWER?!?!?! <table style=filter:glow(color=blue, strength=#+1)>...