1. D

    Power Beam stuggle idea

    i dont think anyone has mentioned this idea but how bout when ur PS the beams should collide and go into a big ki ball (Gohan vs cell) and the concept should still work the same except that it goes into i big ki ball and the best one annilates the other person or just damages them(depends on...
  2. KidMan

    A good stuggle idea

    OK it just came to me. Say Goku does Spirit bomb or Frieza does Death ball, you would usually run away or something like that. Well my idea is if you hit the block button at the right time you grab the ball and being to struggle with it like they do in the show. Depending on strong you are you...
  3. gpas

    second stage melee stuggle

    ----====second stage melee struggle====---- when you have won a melee struggle have it wait hafl a second before doing the combo ----====what to do with the half a second====---- if you press teleport in this time you and your combatant will start to teleport around the place trowing...
  4. S

    Power stuggle Bug

    this bug isnt in the known bug list so here it is: often when im in a power stuggle and when one of us lets go one beam disseperes... I know youll say its becoue you blew it up but its not its not the person who lost the struggle's beam that disseperes