1. dany_goku

    Some stuffs

    How about this 1.When u have your buddy activated (ginyu and burter for example) u should have a special attack : both u & buddy fire each a beam ,after 1,2 seconds those beams should become one beam more powerfull 2. How about a pinball game :you and your buddy play "pinball" with an enemy...
  2. G

    More stuffs from me - Goku from Freeza saga and other stuff

    Well I decided not to show my work on this forum anymore coz every time I’m accused for ripping with no right by you know who Anyway back on topic. Goku from freeza saga (2nd try at Goku) : This rige is a wip one, I restarted it. And I remade completely Tifa’s hair and fixed her...
  3. E

    Loading then stuffs up

    I get to parsing game info and I cannot join/make any games and If i alt tab out it starts flashing violently I then when I disconnect it goes okay agian, I can hear the sounds but it just gets stuck on parsing game info for ages. help please.