1. Avastye

    Frame Empire Studios AMVs

    I made a new Studio with a friend (Alexander Shiverbreeze) and i think you guys might enjoy seeing our work so far. Of course, another point of making this topic is so we can get a few more views so we'll really appreciate if you'll even subscribe to our channel, that, of course, if you like the...
  2. M

    Flagship Studios No More

  3. SS4 Gogeta

    Part of Universal Studios destroyed in fire

    I remebering visiting Universal Studios way back a few years ago, sad situation,0,3571334.story
  4. Eon

    WGA, studios reach tentative contract.

    Source:,1,7005410.story Well, it's almost over, thank god.
  5. Optimus Prime

    Studios Threaten to Delay Movie Releases in Canada

    Well, apparently 50% of all pirated movies come out of Canada, and 'Hollywood' says if our government doesn't do something to curb it, they will. ****! Source.
  6. OubliezJe

    Shock Studios logo, Help.

    Which do you guys think is better. These logos were produced within a 5 minute period, not to much thought into them so, which is better of the two, and antoher logo will be put there too, but it will be for my personal logo called DPD tell me how it looks to. It might help to put you hand over...
  7. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  8. M

    a question about modeling

    i've been learning how to model and i've got to the point were i need to compile but when i do it tells me something about illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "idle" "Bip01 L Foot" has "Bip01 L Leg1", reference has "Bip01 L Calf" illegal parent bone replacement in sequence...