1. zmaster

    lightning strikes all

    In the namek dying map when the lightning hits the player some of their life should go down
  2. Damaera

    Over 700 killed in multiple predator strikes in 2009

    I'm just going to go ahead and quote the article from another thread I found this on. The sad part about this? Most of the deaths were civilians. I don't know what to think. I know that this is war and all, but this is just pretty ****ed up.
  3. Deathshot

    College Humor strikes again

    Delete me
  4. Synth

    Tornado strikes CNN Center

    Everyone down here is freaking out... there is debri covering like 5 square blocks of downtown Atlanta. The letter 'C' was ripped off so it just says 'NN' It's some scary symbolism, if you consider it. When tornadoes come down in major cities, it's usually an insane mess. I almost went...
  5. -Origin

    New favourite signature!! Gaara strikes again!

    Here's a new favourite signature, I really like this one:
  6. S


    Hey, check out this Trogdor model I made by request as of Sunday. Tell me how it looks and do the poll................ and stuff.........
  7. W

    "Devil" Or Whomever, Strikes Again

    It's back to him saying "Freeze" in servers..he's in spectator mode yet again. His name currently is 'Cell'. I was wondering, how come I never see this in other modifications? Are they harder to simulate this in or do people not care enough to do it?
  8. G

    Devil strikes again..

    curious esf team why wont yall ban this guy from your server? everytime he dies with his 30-40 ping he overflows the server.. i have a ss of his wonid/ip etc and be glad to send it over irc if anybody needs to find me im on gamesnet as goatman.
  9. Mr. Satans

    Element Strikes Back!

    It Seems His Stupidity Doesn't End -- And yes, Seriously, He Is Only 12 ussj9vegeta: No offense ussj9vegeta: Do u were geakky close like jnco ussj9vegeta: cool cloths = abercrombie and fitch ussj9vegeta: Thats all I were ussj9vegeta: and natuica ussj9vegeta: some oldnavy ussj9vegeta...