1. Ryeko

    Naruto WP -Page Stretch-

    I made this in like 10 minutes, how do you like?
  2. S

    Piccolos arm stretch

    Piccolo should have his arm stretch and like use it to grab enimes and bring them closer, after their infront of you they are stunned for acouple seconds allowing you to swoop backwards and ki blast them or simple melee them and then after they go flying from a kick or what not then you could...
  3. O

    Arm stretch

    I think Picolo and Buu should be able to stretch their limbs. But I don't have any ideas. Help?
  4. S

    Buu arm stretch

    I think this has been suggested before but I wanted to but some more depth to it. It just sort of came into my head. Please add to this idea (or give me reasons why it wouldn't work. Either is good). Buu or transformed buu should have a new attack where his arm acts like a beam, you can...
  5. S

    Piccolo's Arm Stretch Attack

    An arm stretch attack for piccolo could be a good idea. It should be a seperate attack from melee and when you select and click on it, it would show the charging bar. The longer you hold left click, the longer piccolo's arm would stretch, but will result in weaker damage.
  6. SA_Gohan

    SSJ Goku

    Goku in form 1 supersaiyajin. Could you tell me what you think of it? Thanks Poly's = 1490 BTW: it's not for a mod