1. The Deco

    The everlasting discussion - Do strategy games make you smarter?

    I read some opinions about it in forums via searching in google. Now im bringing the discussion to this forum. Do strategy games make you smarter? (While you may think it is about board games as well, such as chess, im referring to video games solely) Now I will mention one opinion here -...
  2. Nemix

    Analyzing Google's Chrome OS strategy

    Google is developing an operating system of its own, based on the company's Chrome browser and intended primarily for use in low-cost Netbooks. Now I'll tell you why I think Google is doing it. Like any other commercial enterprise, Google is trying to make money... read more.
  3. Mister Satan

    Anyone know of any good TBSG (Turn Based Strategy Games)?

    Lo all, just wondering if anyone knew of any good/great TBSG that I haven't got, I have Disgaea, Vandel Hearts 1 + 2, Shining Force 1 + 2, Tactic's Orge:Let us Cling Together and Knights of Londis, Dragon Force, Front Mission 3 + 4 and the one on the Snes, FF:T,FF:TA. Just wondering what...
  4. K

    Best Strategy Game to Buy ¬_¬

    Im a big fan of strategy games *i think thats the right name* and ive just completed R:TW so i want to know what you guys think i should get next.... the new LOTR game looks pretty gUt. :cool:
  5. S

    Need help on performing this strategy

    Hi. I've been the victim of this combo a few times and I am really wondering how it is done. The attacker throws me and then a split second later, im kicked to my death. Now i'm wondering, once the victim is thrown do you immediately press kick or do you try to teleport into him and then kick...
  6. Lt.Zack

    Kings of Chaos, Free multiplayer strategy game (over 150000 players)

    Hey anyone bored? well if you are or if you just want to play a fun turn baised strategy game.. so if you want to join my army, be one of my officers (allows for my protection from attacks since you will be just starting) or you can start on your own...anyway click here to findout more or sign...
  7. SailorAlea

    Gohan/Trunks Strategy

    I've heard some people complain that while Gohan and Trunks transform early, they are outclassed by the others when they get to transform. This is just my way of getting around that. Yes, if you're Gohan or Trunks, you get to transform when you reach 1,000,000 powerlevel. However, you...