1. D

    RPG style storyline in esf

    is it possible to add an rpg style storyline to esf? :) it would be great, imagine you start with little goku, then you acquire experience, techniques and power. It won't be good if we add the exact clone of dbz storyline, we can think about an alternative but also interesting one :) also I...
  2. esfman


    I have a little suggestion. How about a little storyline all the way till you get to Cell. There are certain forms you have to play as. Like ssj Goku vs Frieza.
  3. Zeonix

    Assassin's Creed Super Secret Storyline

    I didn't want to post so here is another thread. Now, I know we're all excited about Assassin's Creed, but after reading this, I went into a berserker's fury. WTF
  4. S

    Should E.S.F get more characters?

    I would vote YES!
  5. P

    Dbz Needs More Characters!!!!

    Look Im going to ask something and please take it in to consideration, But maybe you already have.... esf needs more characters such as Brolli, Android 18, Raditz, Garlic Jr, Dr Gero, The Ginyu Force, Tein, Videl , Son Goten, Young Trunks , Dabura , yamcha and finally pan... im not saying just...
  6. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Own Anime!!!!!!

    Hi guys/girls , im planing to make an own Anime with new characters , a hole story , etc. I just need some helpers (that can draw very well anime) and maybe some guys/girls helping with the storyline ! Nothing is done yet , cuz i dont want to start anything alone , i need something like a...