1. VideoJinx

    wow guys ive just come up with a stamina idea for stopping spam!

    Ok check this out xD to stop spamming.. use the stamina bar.. the stamina bar drain much when meleeing or using small beams but should drain alot when using beams thus.. If you were to use a big beam it would be a risk because of the amount of stamina it takes up... and since you cant powerup...
  2. SA_Gohan

    Stopping howing and beam spamming

    To discourage people from abusing either the melee (particularly the auto-punch then throw combo) or constantly firing huge beams at the ground to destroy enemies, I propose a system be added that logs the type of attacks used by a player, and the time between these attacks. If a certain...
  3. V

    Suggestion for stopping 2vs1 fights.

    I really hate people who double team somebody. And i found a sullotion for it. Don't mind the spelling tho. But why don't you make a button that challenges the enemy, and if he accepts by pushing the same button back, then they are glowing in some colour for the others and they can't be harmed...
  4. Vengaurd

    Vengaurds Files (SBC fix for 1.1)

    Check out My Site for some importaint news on my sprite editing for ESF on a side note, i have compleated the Special Beam Cannon Fix for 1.1, no more nazi purple beam cannon!
  5. I

    What you think of the sig!

    Well im currently new to making sig's but thats not stopping me from doing my best. Tell me what you think. (More to come soon)
  6. F

    Just stopping by to say hi!

    .. I'm new here, so hi! I've read the FAQ; I'm no forum n00b. :) I'll hope I'll have a great time here.
  7. M

    free sigs

    hey i was wondering which people here make free sigs? just wondering :) can you make me one?
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