1. Spunky

    9-year-old girl's twin found in her stomach...

    Source: Wow. That's ****ed up.
  2. S

    does size really matter?

    well im attempting a poly by poly model in milkshape, and ive done the chest and stomach area, and then i realised, i have no idea what im doing, so, do i need it to be a particular size? do i join the arms and head and stuff to the torso? is there any information i must know before i proceed...
  3. Black Saiyan


    when im compliing in Silkshape i get this error ************ ERROR ************ unknown bonecontroller link 'Bip01 Spine' how do i fix it
  4. G

    New Krillen model This is a new Krillen model I made. Its really not that great, and has quite a few polies too(2400). I was bored and I did not spend much time on it. I see the problems with the neck and torso, I want get better and learn so if you see any...
  5. fatmanterror

    will somebody skin my black brother??

    hey i made a Schwarz Bruder, i was wondering if somebody would wanna skin it for me since i suck at it, i still got a few things to do like make hands and stuff, and i forgot to make some vertices face forward before i took this so thats why his stomach looks a little odd, but i assure u its not...
  6. S

    another 1 from me but with a little brob...

    i drew a pic of gohan...but the thing is that i dont want to remote link the pics. so i was wondering, can i post the address to my site and from there ull go to the pics section, or i can just post the links to the pics here?
  7. G

    I Have A Gohn Model

    heres a pic post ure email if u want it its a skin editfrom a dmz one but its editied to work with esf