1. |Xiphos|

    stock sig

    I have finally made stocks sigs look good. :laff: Comments?
  2. Ness

    Anime Images Stock

    You can find some in these links.
  3. X

    Requesting sig... Look @ Stock

    I was wondering if someone could make me a 400x100 sig of Vanessa from the King of Fighters... She's the only chick on this image...
  4. Valeska

    new sig, same stock

    new sig, old stock.. sorry guys i just cant get over this sweet stock since she looks like my gf :smile:
  5. L

    stock Pictures

    Does anyone know some good 'free' stock sites? those I can find are really crap... And if i where looking for quality anime pictures, where should i look? I woiuld appreciate it very much if those could be answerred! ... o_o :D Thanks in advance!
  6. L

    To Stock Photo Or Not?

    For those who are really into imaging and knwo what stock photos are what do you think. are they wrong to use or are they ok to use to a certain extent? me personally i think there great i just alot of sotck photos for business sites and portoflio sites for people. Ohh yea and if you gusy say...