1. Painkiller

    Happy Birthday Sting!

    Happy birthday dude :) I wish you well Have a niec one!
  2. Painkiller

    Sting, the oldest guy in the Esf community

    I don't really remember exactly how old he was... he was 30+. So 's anyone older than that? :P
  3. EvolutionX


    Sting can you tell me how is the title of this music? :) I want to have it. Its preety good song :P
  4. Sting

    I need some Help with adding new joints

    First of all I use Milkshape V1.7.8 I know how to add a joint that isnt really the big problem. But is there a way to make the joint smaller in Milkshape. My goal is to use some joints in the fingers of some models so I can animate the fingers as well. But I am just using Milkshape and...