1. Nuttzy

    w00t Nappa, (yeah its an edit, stfu XD)

    Long story short, nappa has always been my favorite DB character. but my previous attempt at capturing his likeness was a bit "meh". I discovered that esf 1.3 would contain a recoome model, So i waited until the open beta to obtain it, and edited it into a nappa (with full permission granted...
  2. Tassadar

    STFU video

    Another great movie, check this hilarious stuff out: Funny ****.
  3. S

    Check out my Chibi Goku GT!

    What do you guys think about my GT Goku? can i have your opinion? this is the second time i made a model i my life, that i put time in! Check it out: o, and check out my site please, aldo it´s in Dutch language...
  4. Bryggz

    Gotenks ssj3 hair, which is better

    ok guys i made 2 versions of gotenks ssj3 hair, now i just need to know which has more potential, version one may look cool, but its rather dirty (not a closed mesh) and its not exactly true to the show. while version two has potential to be badass, but something doesnt seem right about it...
  5. Logan4434

    17 WIP for all those who want one

    here is my 17 WIP.ill probably be done tonight or will replace Trunks so get those trunks slots empty!:p YES IT IS FOR ESF so dont ask. heres that pic: due to the annoyance called the proffesional:p ill give you credits: head:dakd(im guessing n edit of the original trunks)...
  6. B

    Bardock model

    Here some pics Here Bardock 1 with scouter ... and here as transformation ind battle damage
  7. P

    n00b att mapping!

    Hello ive just started att doing ESF maps, and i will be greatfull if anyone could give me any advises!?
  8. S

    Xstortionist's Brolli Model Skin WIP

    ok, this is about 15 min work, here ya go, i still have about 5 hours to go :( the right arm looks a little funny cuz of a modelling problem :( i will fix it later...