1. O

    Game crashing and sound stays

    Sometimes my games crash (actually its not rare for it to crash) and while the mp3's were playing, it crashed, and now I am typing this message with the mp3 sound, which messed up from the crash, screetching in my ears. How do I stop it without actually turning my speakers off?
  2. Marauder

    City:power of bryce

    well, ive been getting alot of **** from ppl saying that my work is only rendom and ugly... well,they are probaly saying it cause they have something against me...i dont really care -_- anyway...just to show u the power of bryce and the fact that i DONT just make random i made...
  3. M

    Destroyable maps?

    long time ago since i posted my last post :cry: . so i got this stupid idea. does anybody know i one exsist?
  4. M

    whats an ace file?

    i downloaded a model for vegetto but its an ace file what is an ace file? where do u put the ace file? isnt it supposed to be a .spr or .mdl?
  5. V

    attack's aura stays

    every time i use any beam attack the attacks explosion aura stays visible even when you powerup the aura stays
  6. E

    Another drawing... me again :p You know the drill ;) (Critic/comments/flame/etc.)
  7. S

    how much.....

    ey ESF-TEAM how many models are not finished cuz i think u guys only have to make a models of frieza second form. or are there more models not finished ?
  8. OneWingedAngel

    Which is Better?

    Hey, I decided to try mapping after i relized i have no talent for modeling ;/ anyways I was wondering which is better Worldcraft or Hammer? I'm DLing Hammer right now but i'd like to know if one is better then the other your help would be appreciated and if you help i'll give you :paper...