1. Damaera

    Want to know if the Swear Filter is staying on?

    People seem to keep asking if the swear filter is going to be deactivated again or not. Check this post out, or more specifically, this post. So, my friends, the answer is no. As stated by Skyrider, and Cuc.
  2. RavenTrunks

    the staying blobs

    ok, not sure if you know this, but the blobs staying are not random(some may be). I noticed a pattern that could help the fix on this. (this is of course they havent already fixed this) Basicly a blob stays if half of it is in a wall or by an object(like a tree trunk). Also certain maps...
  3. D

    Help With Reflecting,Staying with a bot and Teleporting

    I would like to some how be able to mimic the Bot some day but my Attacks are too slow or not strong enough and i don't know when to get out the way let alone find my opponent before he hits me. and i don't know how to Deflect melee attacks is that even possible? Oh and i only use Picollo ^_^ He ROX