1. D


    what program is the best to start off with? im really thinkin about makin sum models.
  2. I

    Im startin my own clan

    basically all i wanted to do is tell everyone about the clan Elite Saya-Jins, if ya want to join just drop an email to [email protected] make the subject ESJ or something, i really dont care who joins just as long as ur name aint still ESFn00b...;)
  3. DaKD

    Startin Over

    Well now that ive begun to use a more powerful modeler (3dsmax) i will be taking down my site and restartin all my models by making better versions
  4. M

    Probs startin ESF 2.0

    Basicly, i get problems when I start ESF. i load up Half Life, do the whole select custom game stuff. I then create a LAN game so I can get back used to ESF again. Anyway, the FIRST TIME i did it, it froze up. then, the NEXT time i did it it dumped me back to desktop. now, i had this same...
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