1. MrPlow

    Last man standing /w sudden death gamemode

    I haven't seen anyone mention this as a suggestion here yet...(maybe i'm blind) Anyway the gamemode would be pretty simple. As the name says it's a deathmatch where everyone has only 1 life per round and the one who survives the mayhem is the winner. Now for it not to be boring to the...
  2. S

    Last man standing?

    Hi. Is there a way to play esf "last man standing" like counter strike.. -If you die you have to wait until next round. And is there a way to raise the health of every charakter? Maybe some console edit or something like that... Sorry for bad english, I?m german.
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    BMW Z4 indy art

    Critz/comments please :)
  4. sexyasian86

    Kid Buu Done.

    well well. i have finally finished it. time to show it off. if you guys have anymore crits, then give them to me. cause i'm not fixing it anymore. i'll have a download link in a couple of minutes. there ya go. enjoy peace! [new project: better bojacks trunks]
  5. GoJita

    Can i get sig please

    I would like a sig with like goku bending over to fuse on one side and vegeta bending over on the other side to fuse with Goku, and Gojita standing in between them
  6. S

    Do DMZ maps work to?

    I got a question: It would be cool if DMZ maps work on ESF! Does anyone know a few. If you have a few could you show me the site where they at?? thank you :rolleyes:
  7. N

    Need Your help! What to name him...?

    What should i name this character?.. the face and hair I tried to make not so much look like gohan......., trunks or any of the other DBZ characters i have in the paste drawn like. He isn't!!!! And I'm Saying (ISN'T) here.... He is not a Sayin worrior or a half breed like trunks, gohan,goten...
  8. AscendantSaiyan

    Standing while fireing?

    i was wondering (i know its newbieish but still) in alpha 2.0 you could not really fire much from the ground. often it would explode right infront of you. i was wonder is this fixed fo left the same?(even tho its easily fixed by starting to fly)
  9. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Last Man Standing

    I think it would be very cool, if there would be a new game type: Last Man Standing. I guess all of you know what this is. If not, I'll explain it at the bottom of this tag. In any case I hate it if someone respawnes right behind me and kills me and I don't even notice. Of course, in the beta...
  10. Chimpbot

    Work in Progress on behalf of SS_Vegeta!

    Hey guys....SS_Vegeta's working on a Kid Buu model...he wanted me to post his pics....remember, this is a work in progress.. Enjoy: He knows of some of the problems..such as the length of the arms and neck.. Anything new would be useful.
  11. L

    Maps in the next version?

    Will there be new maps in the next version??? (silly question, i know!) :p
  12. USJTrunks

    New siggy

    Do you like it?
  13. E

    more maps are on the way

    just to give all you mappers a lil update out there. Zero and I are working on our own maps for some new game ideas. such as cap the dragon ball. One I have been working on is a rampage map. the evil team goes into a city and starts destroying everthing including people which i hope we can...